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Carlson Studio Architecture is committed to design excellence, comprehensive project delivery and personal attention to each project. We are LEED Accredited Architects, focused on sustainable design. Located in Sarasota, Florida we work throughout the country and internationally. We are dedicated to the highest quality solutions, cost control and innovative, proven use of technology. Carlson Studio Architecture, a team of highly creative, experienced professionals, was founded in 1997.

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Sustainable home design is a MUST


Carlson Studio Architecture is an industry leader in
Sustainable design with 13 LEED Certified Projects

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Sustainability is a key principal we apply to all of our projects. The integrated design approach that we utilize in all our work allows us to provide high quality, high performance buildings for our clients. We look at our buildings as part of the greater “whole system”. A building is an expression of energy, materials & design (information). Buildings are not comprised of isolated components - each is comprised of systems that interact with other systems including the larger ecological systems and the human community. A “whole system”design leverages the complex and complementary interactions to reduce energy use and levy the smallest possible environmental impact, while enhancing occupants’ comfort and productivity.

The integrated design approach asks the members of the planning, design and construction teams to look at the materials, systems and assemblies from many different perspectives. The design is evaluated for first cost, life cycle cost, quality-of-life, future flexibility, efficiency; overall environmental impact; productivity and creativity, and how the occupants will be enlivened. The most important component of any building is the people who use it. This design approach allows us the freedom to maintain our tradition of diverse architectural solutions without limiting us to particular building types or styles. The strategies we implement result in creating beautiful buildings that are safer, healthier and more efficient.

Carlson Studio Architecture’s team members possess a critical balance between field experience, formal education and technical knowledge that is critical in today’s rapidly changing environment, ensuring the ability to provide client satisfaction on every project. The designs we create are intended to promote the values of our clients.

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