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State of Florida cheats residents out of Energy Star Rebates


I am writing today regarding the State of Florida’s recent action concerning the Florida Energy Star HVAC rebate.  The rebate was to be in effect from 8/30/10-12/31/10, and provide a rebate of $1500, and be funded with 14.9 million dollars.

We now know that on Tuesday, November 16, 2010, the Florida Legislature passed House Bill 15A approving funding for all qualified applications for the Florida Energy Star Residential HVAC Rebate program with constraints.  Governor Charlie Crist signed the legislation.  To qualify for the rebate the HVAC or geothermal system must have been purchased or contracted for purchase with a Florida-licensed contractor between August 30, 2010, and September 14, 2010.

The Florida Energy Star HVAC rebate was to be in effect from 8/30/10-12/31/10. Knowing this, my wife and I replaced our old 1999 Heat Pump with a new energy efficient heat pump on 11/4/2010, well before the posted deadline of the program, and well before the state of Florida retroactively changed the rules on us.  This is not fair.  Everyone who took advantage of the program between 9/15/2010 and the state of Florida action on 11/16/2010 unknowingly got cut out of the program retroactively.  We are one of those Florida households trying to do the right thing who just got cheated out of $1500 by the state of Florida.  We cannot now undo the improvements we made and our representatives and senators should not be able to undo the rebate without prior notification to the residents of Florida.

We ask that the representatives and senators of Florida correct this injustice and modify the most recent legislation to cover at least the time frame up until you decided to change the rules.  Especially, we call on Representative Ray Pilon, Representative Doug Holder, Representative Greg Steube, Senator Michael Bennett, Senator Nancy Detert, and Governor Charlie Crist to make this right.

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