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Carbon Eco-Consulting is a Florida-based consulting group with offices in Sarasota, Florida, and Seattle, Washington, specializing in sustainable design consulting and LEED certified projects. We assist architects, contractors, owners, and other design professionals in the process of designing sustainable buildings.


“... from working with Michael, my understanding of green buildings has grown and helped me with being able to do my job more effectively.”

– Leon Camarda, HGTV Green Home

Eco consulting for your business

Integrated design starts at the core

At Carbon Eco-Consulting, we have extensive experience working with the LEED family of certification products including, New Construction (NC), Commercial Interiors (CI), Core & Shell (CS), Schools, Homes and Existing Buildings (EB&OM). Our entire staff are LEED Accredited Professionals and possess a critical balance between field experience, formal education and technical knowledge that is critical in today’s rapidly changing environment, ensuring the ability to provide client satisfaction on every LEED Certified project.


We have been involved in LEED certified buildings since 2000, and we currently have 14 LEED certified projects in 5 different LEED rating systems. This includes 2 platinum, 6 gold, 3 silver, and 3 certified projects.

Eco Consulting services

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Running an Eco Charrette

Running an eco charrette can help you bridge the most important gaps of the green building design process at the outset

Eco-Charrettes are an important aspect of green design, because it brings together the many aspects of design and construction early in the process.


Carbon Eco-Consulting is a division of Carbon Design & Architecture, one of the leading sustainable design firms in the State of Florida, and we understand the green building design process.

requirements & documentation


Carbon Eco-Consultants will help owners establish project requirements and solidify a basis for the design documentation. We'll also review your documentation at each phase to ensure things are moving as they should and provide direction when changes need to be made.


Whether your teams are experienced or "green," Carbon has solutions to aide in the success of your project!

LEED certification process


We're no strangers to the LEED certification process. We understand and embrace the core values that LEED entails, and help you reap the benefits.


We'll  get started with a preliminary LEED checklist evaluation, make sure the project is properly registered, and plug you in with the right team of LEED professionals. We'll even help with the LEED documentation!

PR & Marketing support


When evaluating leadership and commitment, it is important to look at how long the people and company has been involved, and if they are a leader or a follower.


Carbon Design & Architecture committed to LEED green building design in 2000. As an early adaptor, we have grown up with the system. Sustainable design and eco-consulting is what we do, and it is engrained in our DNA.

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