Eco-Consulting by Carlson Studio

Carlson Studio Eco-Consulting is a Florida-based consulting group specializing in sustainable design consulting and LEED certified projects. We assist architects, contractors, owners, and other design professionals in the process of designing sustainable buildings.

“I think that from working with Michael, my understanding of green buildings has grown and helped me with being able to do my job more effectively.” – Leon Camarda, HGTV Green Home


At Carlson Studio Eco-Consulting, we have extensive experience working with the LEED family of certification products including, New Construction (NC), Commercial Interiors (CI), Core & Shell (CS), Schools, Homes and Existing Buildings (EB&OM). Our entire staff are LEED Accredited Professionals and possess a critical balance between field experience, formal education and technical knowledge that is critical in today’s rapidly changing environment, ensuring the ability to provide client satisfaction on every LEED Certified project.

We have been involved in LEED certified buildings since 2000, and we currently have 13 LEED certified projects in 5 different LEED rating systems. This includes 2 platinum, 5 gold, 3 silver, and 3 certified projects.


  • Facilitate early design “Eco-Charrette(s)” establish sustainability goals
  • Establish Owners Project Requirements
  • Basis of Design documentation
  • Preliminary LEED Checklist evaluation
  • LEED Certified Project registration
  • Specification review and assistance
  • Design Eco-Consulting
  • Document review at each phase
  • LEED Certification Documentation
  • Public Relations and marketing support for LEED Certified projects

Carlson Studio Eco-Consulting is a division of Carlson Studio Architecture, one of the leading sustainable design firms in the State of Florida. Carlson Studio understands the green building design process. For inexperienced teams, we can lead the entire team using our 13 years of experience working in the design and construction of green buildings. For more experienced teams we can assist with any aspect of the project; from establishing sustainability goals at a project kick off meeting to documentation in the LEED online system when construction is completed. We utilize and promote an integrated design process, bringing all the stake holders of a project together early in the process, to work together for the shared success of the project. Owners, architects, engineers, contractors, facility mangers, community stakeholders, and building users all can have meaningful contributions to the design and construction process. Buildings are not comprised of isolated components design or functioning as independent silos. Each system in a building interacts with other systems, the building users, and the environment itself. Using the integrated design process, and thinking about the “whole system” leverages the complex and complementary interactions of the building components, which leads to synergies between systems and ultimately increased energy and water savings, as well as a more healthy, productive and creative environment to live or work in.

Each project and client has different sustainability goals. We understand that. We have worked with many clients, and they each have a unique combination of sustainability goals for their project. It may be a client desires to reduce operation and maintenance costs as much as practical while limiting the impact to the first cost of a project. Maybe net-zero energy is a must. Maybe increased productivity or a better indoor environmental quality is a high priority. Lower energy bills lead directly to operational savings and a return on investment that can be calculated and consider by the owner, and compared to the initial construction costs. There are many passive design features, such as proper building orientation, an energy efficient building envelope, or the proper use of natural daylight that do not add cost, but have significant performance and cost benefits over the life of a building. Active systems such as efficient cooling systems, water saving fixtures and photovoltaics all work better when they are integrated into a project that is already doing all the passive and subtle things properly.

Everyone these days is a “green building expert”. Many have recognized the “trend” is not going away and have recently jumped on board. When evaluating leadership and commitment, it is important to look at how long the people and company has been involved, and if they are a leader or a follower. Carlson Studio committed to LEED green building design in 2000. As an early adaptor, we have grown up with the LEED system over the years. Sustainable design and eco-consulting is what we do. It is part of our DNA.

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